IOS 11 Update: Latest Version, Fixes and New Features

Unfortunately, iOS 11 has been plagued by errors and vulnerabilities since its launch in September 2017. So much so that Apple is focusing on the next version of iOS 12 – iOS 12, expected later in 2018 – for stability. As long as you have to wait for the fixes and some new features. For more info about IOS go to best mobile app developers.

During the year, Apple regularly updates iOS, sometimes to fix bugs and vulnerabilities, sometimes with new features like funny emoji or important app updates. Therefore, from time to time, a warning message will appear in the settings of your iPhone or iPad indicating that an update has been made. This article will go through all the updates for iOS 11.

You can check which version of iOS 11 you’re using by clicking on Settings> General> Software Update. The latest version of May 29, 2018 is iOS 11.4. We have all the details below.

Here we bring you everything you need to know about iOS 11, including the latest version. If you’re wondering if you should install iOS 11, read this. And so you install iOS 11.

Problems on iOS 11

There were a number of problems with iOS 11: the automatic correction that caused the passage of the word “IT” to IT and “is” to IS, and some text errors that could cause the crash of your iPhone ( more information here: Avoiding harmful text messages blocking your iPhone and Mac.)

iOS 11.3 has added new animoji and more information on battery conditions, as well as third-party iPhone 8 screens used to replace broken screens. Since then, Apple has released an update to solve this problem, although iPhone users are advised not to use “non-original replacement displays”.

You can pause the installation of iOS 11.4 if you do not have posts on the forum in the Apple community pages, suggesting that the iPhone’s battery is going down faster. More information on these iOS 11 issues here.

What’s in the next version of iOS 11?

iOS 11.4 is now available, but there are some other features on the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 11.4.1 Beta

At the end of May 2018, Apple released the next beta version of iOS 11 – iOS 11.4.1. To date, it seems that there are only bug fixes. However, the following functions are provided.

Based on reports that iOS 4 is downloading batteries faster, it is likely that the next update will solve the problem.

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